5 players the Yankees will likely move on from after the 2023 season

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The 2023 season is drawing to a close, and the New York Yankees are grappling with their performance in the Wild Card race. As the front office ponders their future, let’s examine the decisions facing the team. General manager Brian Cashman’s actions, or lack thereof, at the trade deadline, have set the stage for a focus on 2024 and beyond.

The Decision at Trade Deadline: A Shift in Focus

Brian Cashman chose not to make any significant trades at the deadline, preserving valuable minor-league prospects rather than gambling on a win-now player. This strategy signals a belief that the current roster isn’t equipped to win the World Series, and the emphasis needs to shift toward future development.

Yankees’ Players Likely to Depart

Inconsistent performances and injuries will likely lead to several players departing after the season. Here’s a breakdown of five players the Yankees may move on from:

1. Luis Severino

The sudden decline of Luis Severino, 29, with an 8.06 ERA this season over 63.2 innings, has been a blow to the rotation. Severino’s deterioration in pitch location and quality makes it a wise decision for the Yankees to cut ties and look elsewhere.

2. Josh Donaldson

The Yankees need to shed Josh Donaldson’s contract, with a $6 million vesting option for 2024. His poor performance (.142 batting average and .225 OBP) before a calf injury has made him a net negative for the team.

3. Frankie Montas

The acquisition of Frankie Montas, 30, was marred by a missed shoulder injury. His 6.35 ERA in 39.2 innings with the Yankees is concerning, and relying on injury-prone talent remains a risk. It’s possible the Yankees try to bring him back on a cheap deal, but they would have to be content with not relying on him as a primary option.

4. Kyle Higashioka

The loss of Jose TreviƱo to injury exacerbated issues at catcher. Kyle Higashioka, 33, with a 73 wRC+ this season, is likely to be replaced by younger prospects, possibly including Ben Rortvedt. Defensively, he’s a below-average catcher, suggesting a change of the guard would be ideal.

5. Harrison Bader

Despite his defensive value, Harrison Bader’s inconsistent hitting (.265 average, .300 BP, 95 wRC+) and injury history may lead the Yankees to pursue other options like Cody Bellinger in center field. Bader has played only one season with 100 or more games in the last four years — the Yankees simply need more consistency. The team is also preparing to promote Everson Pereira, who has the qualities to feature in CF but will likely compete for the starting LF job long term.

A Turning Point for the Yankees

The New York Yankees’ 2023 season represents a significant crossroads. With a shift in focus towards future seasons and the likely departure of several key players, the team’s management faces vital decisions that will shape the team’s destiny in the coming years.

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