3 Yankees who could be traded at the deadline

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With a respectable standing of 48-38 and third place in the AL East standings, the New York Yankees are in the midst of a competitive season. As a result, they’re anticipated to make some strategic additions at the upcoming trade deadline.

While some Yankees are likely to be dispatched to other teams, most of these players are not predicted to be significant contributors in the Major Leagues. It’s more plausible that the Yankees’ prospects will be the ones making moves to new organizations.

Potential Yankees on the Trade Block

Three Yankees players have emerged as potential trade pieces as the deadline approaches: Oswald Peraza, Will Warren, and Everson Pereira.

Oswald Peraza

It appears highly likely that the Yankees will trade either Gleyber Torres or Oswald Peraza. With Torres taking up the second base position in the big league and Anthony Volpe holding the starting shortstop spot, Peraza lacks a regular position in the lineup.

The Yankees could benefit from an offensive boost, potentially an outfielder or an additional starter, especially since Luis Severino’s return from injury has been less than stellar. Peraza, who currently boasts a .891 OPS with 12 homers and 11 steals in Triple-A, emerges as a sensible trade piece, assuming he won’t be given a prolonged chance in the big leagues. After recently recovering from an abdominal injury, he’s now in full health.

Will Warren

In order to secure high-impact players before the deadline, the Yankees will likely need to relinquish some quality prospects — in other words, to gain, they’ll need to give. Warren fits the bill of a promising young pitcher who could be part of a trade package.

As a consensus top-ten Yankees prospect, Warren has effectively navigated the minor leagues up through Double-A. Despite struggling slightly in Scranton with a 5.22 ERA in 29.1 innings, he possesses the talent necessary to adjust and eventually excel. While not a future ace, his fastball velocity (ranging from 92-95 mph and capable of reaching 97 mph) and an impressive sweeper suggest that he could develop into a solid MLB starter.

Everson Pereira

Pereira stands as one of the Yankees’ most promising position player prospects, often overlooked. After recovering from a recent injury, he has resumed full health and has impressive stats to show, boasting a .291/.362/.545 line and 10 home runs in Double-A. His recent promotion to Triple-A Scranton was marked with a home run in his first game.

Teams value Pereira for his substantial power and potential to contribute late in the season. While the Yankees would undoubtedly prefer to retain him, he could be included in a package to secure an impact player.

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