2 starting pitchers the Yankees could sell at the trade deadline

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As the New York Yankees remain uncertain about making any purchases at the trade deadline, the ambiguity hardly instills confidence in their current roster. Unless General Manager Brian Cashman initiates drastic changes, which appears unlikely, the Yankees face a challenging journey ahead, potentially ending in an early playoff exit or missing out entirely. This is particularly concerning given the upcoming difficult series against the Orioles, Rays, and Astros.

However, the Yankees could make some strategic moves for their future by reducing some salary and potentially adding prospects simultaneously. With Nestor Cort├ęs set to return on Friday against Baltimore, the Yankees will need to clear a roster spot. This could involve either demoting one of their starting pitchers or proceeding with a trade.

Potential Yankees Trade Assets: Luis Severino and Domingo German

Luis Severino: Evaluating Trade Potential

Luis Severino, whom the Yankees opted to retain for the 2023 season at a cost of $15 million, has not lived up to expectations following his impressive 2022 comeback season.

Severino, currently aged 29, has demonstrated a significant dip in performance this year. Despite logging 102 innings with a 3.18 ERA and 9.88 strikeouts per nine in 2022, his stats this year showcase a less promising 6.46 ERA, 7.45 strikeouts per nine, and a career-low 37.8% ground ball rate. Alarmingly, he has been conceding the most home runs in his career, with an 18.4% HR/FB ratio.

His performance in July and June has been less than impressive, with ERAs of 8.84 and 6.93, respectively. With the persistent dip in performance and the significant drop in efficiency of his slider, it may be time for the Yankees to consider trading Severino, offloading his salary, and possibly acquiring a low-level prospect in return.

Domingo German: A Viable Trade Option

Another potential trade option for the Yankees could be Domingo German. Despite pitching a Perfect Game this year, German’s performance has been erratic.

Over 103.2 innings, German records a 4.77 ERA, 9.55 strikeouts per nine, and a low 37.9% ground ball rate. Given his rapidly regressing numbers, including high ERAs in June and July, it might be wise to consider him as a trade piece. His fastball has been underperforming this year, resulting in him relying heavily on his curveball and change-up.

Trading German at a high value to gain any return might be a prudent move for the Yankees. This could allow them to focus more on Clarke Schmidt, a promising player who, at just 27 years old, has shown tremendous potential in his first year as a starter.

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