Rangers: Top 3 worst contracts on the team’s payroll

New York Rangers center Barclay Goodrow (21) during the third period against the New Jersey Devils in game six of the first round of the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden
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According to Cap Friendly, the New York Rangers have a projected cap hit of $82.8 million, and their current cap space is $675,000. There are some favorable contracts on the Blueshirts’ payroll, however, there are also a few contracts that are not so favorable. There are three contracts that stand out from the bunch as being the worst.

3. Jacob Trouba (Cap Hit $8 Million, Expires 2026/27)

Jacob Trouba is still a very talented defenseman who provides a ton of leadership and has strong defensive characteristics. Trouba is the captain of the team, so his worth is higher in the locker room; however, $8 million dollars is an overpayment for a player who has only had one season with more than 50 points. When looking at his production on the ice, he should be paid a little less than he is right now.

2. Vincent Trocheck (Cap Hit $5.62 Million, Expires 2029/30)

In the present, Vincent Trocheck is a fine player, especially when plugging him into the third line of an NHL team. Trocheck is still a useful player and comes at a decent cap hit.

However, the problem with Trocheck’s contract is the length remaining – there are five more years left on his contract and he will be 36 years old when the contract expires.

He currently has a no-movement clause, but in 2025-2029, he has a Modified No-Trade Clause with a 12-team No-Trade List in 2025-26, a 10-team No-Trade List in 2026-27, and a six-team No-Trade List in 2027-28 and 2028-29.

So, if Trocheck does decline, it will be difficult to get out of his contract, and with that cap hit, it could cause trouble.

1. Barclay Goodrow (Cap Hit $3.64 Million, Expires 2027/28)

Acquiring Barclay Goodrow at the time was understandable, as he provided the much-needed grit and sandpaper that the Rangers needed. The problem with getting him was that they had to extend him, and the Rangers paid a hefty price for Goodrow.

He signed a six-year contract worth $21.85 million dollars, and the deal also included a modified no-trade clause. While $3.64 million per year is not a bad contract for Goodrow, the issue is the contract’s length. Six years is too long for a player like Goodrow, who is likely to decline due to his gritty style of play. Even though it’s early, he has already shown signs of decline.

The Rangers do have the option to buy out Goodrow’s contract, but they face limitations due to the Modified No Trade Clause. This means that there are 15 teams on his no-trade list, restricting the Rangers’ options if they wish to trade him. If he remains with the team under the current contract, he will be a Ranger until the contract expires in 2027/28 when he will be 34 years old.

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