Mets stun Giants by stealing Carlos Correa in free agency

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Under Steve Cohen, the New York Mets have absolutely no limits when it comes to spending.

Late last night, there was one bizarre issue to come up in baseball.

When prized free agent Carlos Correa was on his way to signing his lucrative 13-year deal with the San Francisco Giants, there was an issue with his physical. The deal fell through, putting Correa back on the free agent market. To no surprise, Cohen and the Mets wasted no time.

Mets sign big bat Carlos Correa to 12-year contract:

Around 2:30 A.M., it was reported on by Jon Heyman of The New York Post that the Mets had signed Correa to a 12-year, $315 million deal. Heyman also reported that Correa will play third base for the Mets. Simply, just an incredible signing for the Mets to put the icing on the cake for this special offseason.

It was reported nearly a week ago that Cohen knew the Mets needed one more bat. Following the addition of Correa, he stated, “We needed one more thing. And this was it.” It sure is.

The main reason the Mets fell short down the stretch of 2022 was a lack of hitting. In particular, the offense needed more power bats to provide some home runs. Correa offers the big size at 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds. Not only does Correa have the prototypical size of a power hitter, but the production. In eight years of his MLB career, Correa has hit 20 or more home runs six times. He is coming off a year in which he hit 22 homers in 136 games. This is exactly what the Mets need.

Correa will provide the Mets with great contact ability as well. He has a career batting average of .279. He has hit .315 once and had his second-best year last season, batting .291.

This is one thrilling signing for a Mets team that now has all the pieces in place. Improving this lineup was a must this free agency process, and Correa addresses that. Cohen has officially exhausted every last resource possible to put the Mets in the best position to win the World Series next year.

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