Despite falling short of a division pennant, these two New York Mets accomplishments deserve recognition

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The 2022 regular season for the New York Mets is in the books. All attention now turns to the playoffs, where the Mets will look to make a run at a World Series. Before postseason plays begins, despite not taking the division earning a pennant, these two Met accomplishments for the regular season deserve praise.

101-win regular season, second-best in Mets history:

The 2022 Mets only trail the historic 1986 World Series champions in most wins for a season in team history. This year’s Mets club is also just the fourth in the history of the Mets to win 100 games.

It could not be more unfortunate that this Mets team will not have a division pennant to show for their high level of success. Both the Mets and the Atlanta Braves finished with 101-61 regular seasons. A total of just one more win would have given the Mets a division title and playoff bye.

For the Mets, last weekend’s sweep to the Braves and coming short against a weak schedule this last month hurt their chances too significantly at a pennant.

Nonetheless, it is tough the Mets had elite competition just within their own division. Winning 101 games is an accomplishment and of the best, the Mets will ever have. They had a talented team that played some special ball most of this year.

Jeff McNeil bats .326 takes batting title:

After a surprisingly rough 2021 (.251 batting), the usual .300 hitter got back to himself in 2022, earning a battle title in the process.

Jeff McNeil concluded 2022 with a terrific .326 batting average, just edging out Freddie Freeman (.325) for the best in baseball.

He finished this year with 174 hits in 148 games. Across the board, McNeil had nine home runs, 62 RBIs, and a .836 OPS.

Following his lone yet long cold stretch of the year in July, when McNeil batted .208, he followed with a whopping .385 average in August, .337 in September, and had eight hits in four games this month.

McNeil is a pure hitter who enjoyed a special year. He is one of the main reasons the Mets won 101 games in 2022.

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