Why the Knicks don’t need to add a 3rd star this off-season

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When assessing whether the New York Knicks are primed to make a championship run in the 2023-24 season, there are two key factors to consider.

The Knicks’ Dual-Pronged Potential

Firstly, there’s no question that the Knicks are fully equipped to clinch victories in the regular season with their existing lineup. However, their prospects of playoff success are undeniably less certain.

A preferable scenario would involve adding another superstar to complement the dynamic duo of Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle. However, this is not an absolute necessity for the upcoming off-season. Instead, the management could adopt a more prudent approach by waiting until the trade deadline to ensure player fitness.

Timing: The Essence of Strategic Acquisitions

Making a significant acquisition now could leave the Knicks vulnerable to unforeseen injuries that might derail their plans. Deferring such a decision until next season’s trade deadline would not only ensure that their new player is in optimal health, but it would also mean that they wouldn’t have to foot the bill for a large chunk of the upcoming season, benefits that they would undoubtedly welcome.

While the Knicks would undoubtedly relish the chance to secure a player of the caliber of Joel Embiid or Zach LaVine, these options are far from certain, and an opposing team would likely demand an exorbitant return. Instead, the Knicks could rely on the formidable scoring power of Brunson and Randle, who averaged 24 and 25.1 points per game last season, respectively.

Waiting for the Perfect Opportunity

The Knicks can pin their playoff hopes on RJ Barrett’s potential evolution as a player and a robust rotational unit. By waiting for a team keen to unload a substantial contract, the Knicks could seize the chance to add another piece at a more affordable price. The principle here is to negotiate trades from a position of strength.

Making Exceptions for Top-Tier Talent

Nevertheless, certain exceptions to this strategy exist. A player like Embiid, the reigning MVP, would revolutionize the Knicks’ offensive strategy, propelling them to unprecedented heights.

Yet, this situation also provides an opportunity for the Knicks to assess whether the 23-year-old RJ can escalate his game. With his fifth season approaching and a new four-year contract under his belt, Barrett has a significant motivation to elevate his performance. If he can make that leap, the Knicks might prefer to maintain their current roster composition rather than integrate a new element and sacrifice valuable assets in the process.

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