Why the Knicks could move Immanuel Quickley this off-season

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Immanuel Quickley, a New York Knicks‘ fan-favorite and 6th Man Of the Year runner-up is approaching a crossroads.

Quickley completed an outstanding professional season in 2022-23, setting career-high averages of 14.9 points per game, with shooting splits of 45%/37%/82%. His efficiency and effectiveness rose further when he was in the starting lineup, boasting an impressive 22.6 points per game across 21 starts and shooting splits of 47%/40%/85%.

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The Contract Extension Dilemma: A Million-Dollar Question

Despite Quickley’s standout season, the Knicks face a difficult decision regarding his future. With the final year of his rookie contract on the horizon, Quickley is now eligible for a contract extension.

If the Knicks and Quickley cannot agree on an extension, he will become a restricted free agent next off-season. Considering his stellar performance, any potential contract extension for Quickley could comfortably surpass the $100,000,000 mark.

The Trade Option: A Strategic Move for the Knicks

Should the Knicks decide against extending Quickley’s contract beyond the 2023-24 season, another option could be to trade him for a star player. Given Quickley’s soaring value, this off-season could present the perfect opportunity to make a trade if a superstar player that interests the Knicks becomes available.

Donte DiVincenzo’s Arrival: A Backup Plan

In the meantime, the Knicks have secured backup guard Donte DiVincenzo with a four-year, $50 million contract. This move could significantly influence Quickley’s role within the Knicks and potentially signal a future without him. While Quickley will undoubtedly be striving to build upon his breakout season and secure a larger role within the team, DiVincenzo’s signing could serve as an insurance policy for the Knicks.

Quickley’s Outlook for 2023-24: A Pivotal Season

Quickley is set to enter the 2023-24 season with ambitions to enhance his performance further. If a contract extension isn’t agreed upon this off-season, another impressive season from Quickley could be the convincing factor for the Knicks to commit to him long-term. The upcoming season promises to be a pivotal one for both Quickley and the Knicks, with tough decisions to be made and potential changes on the horizon.