Under looked parts from first New York Knicks preseason game

New York Knicks

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A lot of positives came out of the New York Knicks first preseason game.  The Knicks defeated the Washington Wizards handily, despite the score.

One part that appears to be swept under-the-rug is Julius Randle having 7 assists.  Randle appears to be a very underrated passer.  At times, he did try to get too fancy and had costly turnovers, overall.  But, Randle was able to draw attention then dish it with ease.  With this aggressive style of play, Randle should be able to become an above-average with how he stretches the floor, drawing defenders.

Another player that may be under looked, Wayne Ellington.  He played 22 minutes in his New York Knicks debut, adding 12 points.  Ellington was three-for-seven beyond the arc and was not shy to find his shot.  It was unclear what his role was going to be coming into the season, but Monday was a possible glimpse of him being a vital role player.  Ellington has great shooting form and will give the Knicks that sharp-shooter they need off the bench.

Quickly, as a team last season, the Knicks shot 34% from beyond the arc.  Monday, the team shot 42.9%.  Yes, it was one preseason game, but they could be on the right track with this group.

Lastly, the Knicks team chemistry was great.  The chemistry has been well documented throughout the summer thanks to social media.  The Knicks have been going for dinner, movies and working out together.  Everyone appears to be bonding, challenging each other and battling, which will only improve their play on the court.

The Knicks appear to be confident in one another and want everyone to succeed.  Players seem know where others are going to be after a short time playing together.  Again, one game.  But, imagine what this team would look like after months of playing with one another?  Could turn out better then people think.

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