The New York Knicks need last year’s Fizdale back

New York Knicks, David Fizdale
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The New York Knicks are not the same team from last year.  The Knicks finished with an NBA worst 17-65 record in 2018-19.  Despite the worst record, there is lot more hope and optimism in this year’s team.

The Knicks added several new players that would be the ‘right’ fit for this year’s team.  Those players were thought to thrive under the tutelage of the well-respected ‘players coach’ David Fizdale.

When the Knicks won their 17th game last season at Garden faithful saw Fizdale being the teams biggest cheerleader.  He was jumping up-and-down, running up the sidelines as if it was a playoff game.

This year, however, is a completely different story.  The Knicks don’t have that fiery coach on the side this season.  Some fans already expressed frustration with his coaching this season.  However, sources around the team have confirmed that it’s too early for a coaching change.

The coach sets the tone for the team.  Despite the league’s worst record last season, the fire from Fizdale was still present.  He was showing that he was a player’s coach.  Fizdale just didn’t have the talent last season to perform.  This season is different.

There’s 10 new players and higher expectations, especially with the future of their franchise, RJ Barrett.  Since there’s new expectations, Fizdale has appeared to change his coaching demeanor.  There’s little fire like we saw last year and he’s trying to be more professional, sometimes over-coaching.

Marcus Morris defended his coach saying that Fizdale ‘puts them in the best position to win’.  He continued, “He’s been nothing but a great coach for us.”  While that may be the case for the players, the Knicks are still 1-6.  This coaching style may not be working currently for the New York Knicks.

The Knicks get down on themselves when the shots aren’t falling.  It’s the coaches responsibility to pick the team back up.  This team of ‘dogs’, currently poodles, could respond well to that fire from their leader.