Should the New York Knicks favor Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant in free agency?

New York Knicks

If the New York Knicks can convince either Kawhi Leonard to Kevin Durant to sign with them, it would be a huge deal. In fact, it would likely be the missing puzzle piece in a perennially bad franchise looking to drag themselves out of the dark ages.

It relies on them bringing in star players, as the youth on the team is talented but they are in dire need of a true leader and difference maker. The Carmelo Anthony age failed to provide ample success, so now they must look to players like Durant to help save the franchise from eternal doom.

The New York Knicks will leave no stone unturned:

Rumors have stated that the Knicks will make a big push for the Toronto Raptors star who is currently leading his team to an NBA Finals victory. When free agency begins on June 30th, Scott Perry is expected to go after Leonard, according to Newsday. First things first, though, the Knicks have to ensure they can even earn a meeting with the esteemed scorer.

Kawhi is currently averaging 30.9 points per game this playoff period, bringing Toronto to their first ever NBA finals appearance. Durant is sitting on the bench with a calf strain as his team falls to a 2-1 deficit.

Overall, Durant has been the more healthy option despite his recent ailment, playing in more total games than Leonard over the past two seasons. The Warriors star is averaging 36.9 minutes per game compared to Kawhi’s 30.9. However, the difference in minutes hasn’t mattered much considering Leonards 26.6 points per game compared to Durant’s 26 during the regular season.

The bottom line, the Knicks would be lucky to snag one of the two options in free agency, but the better option would likely be Durant based on his total statistical output and health. There are several other teams that will pursue both players, specifically the Clippers who will push hard for Leonard this offseason. The Knicks will have to fend off the competition will minimal advantages – they will have to sell their youth talent and the idea of making New York city a great basketball destination once again.