Report: Knicks seeking second-round compensation for Cam Reddish

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New York Knicks forward Cam Reddish may see his days in orange and blue come to an end very soon, and Marc Stein reported on his Substack on Wednesday that they are seeking at least one second-round pick in a possible Reddish trade.

Other teams that have also expressed interest in the forward are the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Dallas Mavericks.

It is still unclear what the Knicks’ definition of “second-round compensation” – as reported by Stein – exactly is. It could mean multiple second-round picks or just one, but it would not be a shock if New York played this aggressively and tried to secure multiple picks in exchange for the former first-round pick.

The knicks are already trying to move Cam Reddish at a loss:

The Knicks acquired Reddish in a trade last season for Kevin Knox – a former lottery pick – and an additional first round pick. However, he struggled to crack head coach Tom Thibodeau’s rotation right from the get-go, and that trend continued this season due to inconsistent play, and he has been completely removed from the rotation since the embarrassing Dec. 3 loss against the Dallas Mavericks.

On the season, Reddish is averaging just 8.4 points per game and is shooting just 30.4% from deep. They were flashes of what he could do at his fullest, but it ultimately just was not enough. Taking him out of the rotation appeared to be the right move as well, as the Knicks are 15-7 since he was taken out.

While the initial trade for Reddish seems to be a flop, the Knicks can still turn this negative into a positive.

If the Knicks are able to secure multiple picks for a guy that has been almost completely ineffective for them, then that is a massive win.

The Knicks have reportedly been stockpiling picks this season in hopes of using them to land a superstar-caliber player, and whatever they get in return for Reddish, along with the plethora of first and second-round picks already in their possession, can most certainly be used to go for the home run ball.

In the Knicks’ eyes, you can never have too many draft picks. As the trade deadline approaches ever so closer, what the Knicks will get for Reddish is still unclear, but there is a massive expectation that a move will be made sooner rather than later, and the hope is that the return will be plentiful.

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