New York Knicks are getting exciting to watch again

Under Mike Miller, the New York Knicks are worth watching again.  Well, for those die-hards, it’s always worth watching.  But under Miller, the team is looking exciting again.

Miller has the Knicks playing simple basketball.  He isn’t trying to do to much or have a complicated game plan.  Miller is simply having them “play”, take that how you may.  Whatever that means to you, it’s working.

The Knicks have a 3-win streak and have 6 wins under Miller.  Those 6 wins are more then the team had under former head coach David Fizdale this season.  Fizdale was out after going 4-18 to start the season and was 21-83 overall in a season and a half.  He had them switching like crazy which ultimately was the downfall of the defense.  It still isn’t polished under Miller but it’s substantially better.

The offense has picked up too.  The Knicks offensive efficiency greatly improved.  There’s more ball movement and actual offensive sets being run.  They also are utilizing the pick-and-roll more which opens up the floor for Mitchell Robinson to put on a show, like he did last game.

Their play has fans buzzing and, of course, overreacting.  However, overreacting isn’t a bad thing in this situation.  The overreaction is exciting because they Knicks are starting to show their potential.  It’s exciting to see the progression of Frank Ntilikina and Robinson.  RJ Barrett has been struggling, of recent, but there’s still glimpses of the excitement to the could bring to the franchise.

While they still aren’t a playoff caliber team, they are in striking distance, 5 games out.  We also aren’t sure if this is the beginning of a turn around, it’s too soon to call it that.  What we do know is it’s exciting to be able to be excited for Knicks games, even if it’s for a short period of time.