Kyrie Irving still a possibility for the New York Knicks in free agency

What should the New York Knicks do if they lose out on Celtics star, Kyrie Irving?

The New York Knicks need to make a move quick on Kyrie Irving before free agents can sign on June 30:

With rumors stating that Kyrie Irving is leaning towards signing with the Brooklyn Nets in free agency, there’s still plenty of time left until the rumors become reality.

The Knicks were the favorites just two weeks ago and now the Nets, but given their lack of fan-attendance and inability to succeed at the NBA level, there’s a hope for a Knicks organization that has seen one side of that…the losing.

Despite their failure to compete for quite some time, the fans have never faltered, consistently enjoying the games even during a 17 win season in 2018. Knicks fans are some of the most loyal but are also frustrated with the methods used to enjoy success. Phil Jackon struck out, James Dolan continues to confuse people, but it’s Scott Perry and Steve Mills’ time to shine.

Irving, the most dynamic point guard in the NBA, is still up for grabs. The reality of a starving organization is that they will likely spend more than they need to in free agency, and with $73 million in open cap space, I anticipate they will do just that.

The Knicks aren’t going to splash the cash for just anybody:

Reports have stated the Knicks will only offer a max deal to Irving, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard, three of the NBA’s most polarizing players, but the question remains — what makes the Knicks attractive?

Is it there youth agenda and potential in 2020? Next season can really be considered a competitive one with RJ Barrett going into his rookie season and players like Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson, Damyeon Dotson, and Allonzo Trier only enjoying one year of pro basketball.

Convincing superstars to join a team with little to no veteran experience will be tough, but maybe the Knicks can take a different approach towards swaying Irving back to MSG. Both Durant and Irving have discussed playing together and are keen on partnering up, so if the Knicks can convince Durant, which seems to be the more likely of the two to sign, it’s possible he could be the catalyst in bringing in Irving as well.

There’s one thing for sure, though, this offseason is going to be a wild ride.