Knicks’ young shooting guard could have breakout season

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The New York Knicks express contentment with their present lineup, challenging the notion held by some analysts that the franchise aims to acquire a superstar later this year. Beyond key players like Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson, the Knicks are particularly optimistic about their young talent. In the spotlight is 23-year-old shooting guard Quentin Grimes, who is poised to establish a meaningful role with the team this upcoming season.

Grimes’ Competition for Playing Time: Donte DiVincenzo’s Knicks Arrival

Even though the front office recently enlisted Donte DiVincenzo to fortify the team’s three-point shooting and defense, Grimes is not without considerable competition for playing time. Last season, Grimes participated in 71 games, 66 of which he started, averaging roughly 30 minutes each. His contributions were notable: 11.3 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game while shooting an impressive .468 from the field and .386 from beyond the arc.

Quentin Grimes: A Breakout Candidate According to The Athletic

Jared Weiss of The Athletic sees Grimes as a breakout candidate for this season, especially following his solid performance last year. Weiss confidently remarked during The Athletic’s roundtable discussion:

“This year is gonna be Grime time at MSG (Madison Square Garden). Immanuel Quickley made the national leap last year, but Quentin Grimes has the potential to make that same ascension as he gets better attacking the rim and making decisions off the catch.”

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Analyzing Grimes’ Defensive Ratings and Three-Point Gains

During his rookie season, Grimes had an impressive defensive rating of 111.4, although this slightly dipped to 117.3 last year. He’s undoubtedly focused on enhancing this metric along with other facets of his offensive game. Encouragingly, his three-point percentage saw growth in parallel with his shooting volume, heralding positive signs for his development.

The Star Potential Lurking in Efficiency Metrics

In fact, Grimes’ efficiency in most statistical categories experienced notable improvements, kindling the idea that he might be edging closer to star status. If he can make another sizable leap in his game, that possibility could become reality.

The Playing Time Balancing Act: DiVincenzo and Grimes

However, Grimes will need to vie with DiVincenzo for precious minutes on the court. DiVincenzo is likely to feature alongside Grimes in some capacity, prompting the Knicks to explore creative ways to integrate both players into varying rotations. Given the depth of talent on the roster, the team has the luxury to let the hot hand dictate the game on any given night, offering them the opportunity to experiment with line-up combinations for optimal performance.

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