Knicks: Tom Thibodeau does not want team to lose focus

Tom Thibodeau, New York Knicks

Everything is going right for the New York Knicks right now. They have won seven consecutive games, are getting the best out of their two stars, and are in prime position to head back to the playoffs.

With all this going on, it can be easy for them to lose their central focus and get lost in the winning streak and other narratives being presented. Head coach Tom Thibodeau wants exactly the opposite of that with his Knicks team.

“I don’t want us to get lost in the wrong things,” Thibodeau said after the Knicks blowout victory over the Nets Wednesday. “Like every game, there’s things you do well, things you don’t do as well as you’d like, understand that we got to make our corrections, and then we have to get ready for Miami.”

“I think that’s what this team has done well all year. They don’t look too far ahead, they’re not looking back ‘okay, why we did we either win or lose’, make our corrections, study Miami, get ready for Miami. We know how good they are. This game tonight will nothing to do with our Miami game.”

Evidently, Thibodeau wants his team to keep their foot on the gas and not look too deeply into the impressive wins they have been getting lately.

The Knicks are trying to maintain their hot streak:

The Knicks went 9-2 in February, a month that also saw Jalen Brunson win Eastern Conference Player of The Month. This fantastic stretch has sparked new conversations about the Knicks, and the topic has shifted from focusing on the draft lottery to how far they can go in the playoffs.

The Knicks are also 7-0 since acquiring Josh Hart at the trade deadline in mid-February. Prior to Wednesday’s game against Brooklyn, he expressed a similar philosophy as Thibodeau’s on social media.

While the vibes are more than immaculate for New York right now, they want to ensure that less attention is being put on the things that will not hold any significance when the playoffs roll around.

That mindset has clearly been working out for them, as they are one of the league’s hottest teams right now and have made the rest of the league take the Knicks more seriously during the final stretch of the season.

The Knicks will look to keep things rolling as they look to create more separation from the Miami Heat in the standings when the Knicks face them in Miami on Friday.

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