Knicks taking their time with point guard’s extension talks

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The New York Knicks are exercising caution when it comes to backup point guard Immanuel Quickley, who is on the verge of a potentially massive contract extension. The emerging star might be eyeing a deal worth a staggering $20 million per annum, quite the sum for a player who hasn’t yet solidified himself as a regular starter on the Knicks’ squad.

Quickley’s Upside: A Diamond in the Rough?

Despite this, Quickley has showcased an undeniable upside that could very well entice other teams to consider him a starting lineup material, thereby justifying his steep asking price. For now, the Knicks are keeping their cards close to their chest, contemplating Quickley’s role in potential blockbuster trades as he plays out the rest of his rookie contract. Notably, Quickley is set to earn $4.1 million in the upcoming season following the team’s decision to exercise his option.

A Stellar 2022–2023 Season: Quickley’s Credentials

Quickley finished the 2022–23 season with a flourish, setting personal bests by participating in 81 games and racking up 21 starts. His stat line was equally impressive, averaging 14.9 points, 3.4 assists, and 4.2 rebounds, along with a .448 field goal percentage and .370 from beyond the arc.

The DiVincenzo Effect: A Shift in Quickley’s Role?

With the Knicks’ recent acquisition of Donte DiVincenzo, Quickley’s prominence could take a minor hit. DiVincenzo is expected to demand a significant chunk of playing time, potentially reducing Quickley’s role as more shots are distributed across the lineup.

Knicks’ Contract Negotiation Timeline: Slow and Steady

According to, the Knicks’ front office and Quickley’s representatives have been in minimal contact, with no substantive discussions materializing just yet. The true negotiations are anticipated to gain traction around October, providing the team with some breathing room to mull over a possible extension.

The Financial Conundrum: A Double-Edged Sword

Retaining Quickley under his current contract is a fiscal coup for the Knicks; he offers scoring prowess at an incredibly cost-effective rate. However, if the Knicks see him as a long-term asset, they’ll have to loosen the purse strings considerably. Conversely, if an opportunity to acquire a superstar materializes, trading Quickley might just turn out to be a savvy business move.

In essence, the Knicks find themselves at a crossroads, carefully weighing their options as they navigate the complexities of NBA contract negotiations and potential trade opportunities.

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