Knicks sign Summer League star to Exhibit 10 contract

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While fans eagerly anticipate a blockbuster move from the New York Knicks, the team is diligently rounding out its roster and preparing for the upcoming training camp. With the NBA season starting in a mere few weeks, the Knicks have put pen to paper, signing three-year NBA veteran Charlie Brown Jr. to an Exhibit 10 contract.

What is an Exhibit 10 Contract, Anyway?

An Exhibit 10 contract is generally a non-guaranteed one-year minimum agreement. It provides Brown the golden opportunity to duke it out in the training camp, eyeing a coveted two-way contract.

Brown’s Promising Summer League Performance

The 26-year-old is hitting the Knicks’ training camp on a high note following an extraordinary Summer League stint. He averaged nearly 20 points, six rebounds, two assists, and two steals over four games. Although his shooting efficiency was a modest 38% from the floor on six attempts, it’s his ability to slot into multiple positions that really turns heads.

The Career So Far: A Mixed Bag

Brown has 41 NBA games under his belt, where he averaged nine minutes and recorded a shooting efficiency of .287, including a .214 success rate from beyond the arc. While these numbers indicate that Brown could benefit from improving his shooting game, his positional flexibility is a tantalizing prospect for the Knicks, a team that places a high value on versatility.

A Longshot But Not a No-Shot

Although making it past the training camp and onto the Knicks’ roster might seem like a longshot for Brown, the Exhibit 10 contract does at least carve out an avenue for him to compete and demonstrate his skills against the first-string team.

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