Knicks passed on star guard for logical reason

Donovan Mitchell, New York Knicks

Just one year ago, the New York Knicks found themselves in the heart of the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes, a saga that dominated the offseason headlines. However, the all-star’s ultimate move to the Cleveland Cavaliers left a baffled Knicks fanbase questioning how the franchise missed securing Mitchell. This week, former Knicks’ GM Scott Perry shed some light on the matter.

Scott Perry’s Insight on “The Hoop Genius” Podcast

In a detailed discussion on a recent episode of “The Hoop Genius” podcast, Perry delved into his perspective on Mitchell. “He was a good player, but he needed more around him to win,” Perry explained. “Utah probably would’ve been in the conference finals if he were that singular force, but he wasn’t that singular force.”

Perry conveyed skepticism about over-leveraging the Knicks’ future for Mitchell, questioning the wisdom of such a trade. “If the other team you’re trading with wants to take two-thirds or three-quarters of all your young talent, and all of your draft capital, is what’s left behind going to be good enough for you to win rather than hold on to what you have and be a little patient?” he pondered.

Knicks’ Vindication in NBA Playoff Triumph

Despite the initial disappointment, Perry’s reluctance to part with valuable assets for Mitchell may have been justified. The Knicks had the ultimate vindication last season, knocking out Mitchell’s Cavaliers in the first round of the NBA playoffs. They achieved this feat while preserving their assets and draft capital, setting the stage for future strategic moves.

Mitchell’s Potential Homecoming: A Future in New York?

With Mitchell slated for free agency in 2025, rumors are swirling about a potential homecoming for the 27-year-old, who spent his childhood in Westchester. The speculation is hardly a secret, and it’s a narrative both fans and commentators alike are following closely.

Although the Knicks didn’t land Donovan Mitchell in the last offseason, their prudent asset management and playoff success have kept them relevant in the conversation for superstar acquisitions. As ties between Mitchell and New York persist, anticipation builds around the possibility of the high-flying shooting guard donning a Knicks jersey when he hits the open market in 2025.

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