Knicks: Miles McBride has become a game changer for New York

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New York Knicks backup guard Miles McBride was inserted into the rotation following Derrick Rose’s demotion, and he has shined in his role, especially on the defensive end, becoming a large contributor to the Knicks’ six-game winning streak.

McBride has a defensive rating of 88.7 this season, which is just truly phenomenal, especially for a small point guard like him.

McBride is also averaging nearly a steal per game in just over 10 minutes of action per game, showing a high impact even in limited spurts.

McBride raises the floor defensively for the Knicks:

The Knicks’ defense as a whole is impacted simply by McBride’s presence.

They have an 88.7 defensive rating with McBride on the floor vs. a 113.8 defensive rating with him off the floor. That difference is the highest out of any player currently in the Knicks rotation, further displaying McBride’s true impact on the court.

McBride’s hard-nosed aggression when it comes to playing defense has transformed the Knicks into a gauntlet to try to score on while he’s out there, and he also makes for an incredibly tough matchup for the players he’s guarding one-on-one.

Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau spoke to reporters earlier this week and described what makes his team’s defense as good as it has been, with McBride and Quentin Grimes becoming the catalysts in that department.

“[McBride and Grimes] are giving you great ball pressure, and also containment”, Thibodeau said. “But the things that are important to me are the [opponent] field goal percentage, the points in the paint, and the overall rebounding.”

Tom Thibodeau on the Knicks’ biggest things on defense via SNY

Knicks patiently waiting for McBride’s offense to kick into high gear:

On the offensive side of the ball, McBride’s capabilities have not really translated into the NBA as of yet, but he has shown tremendous jump shooting and playmaking abilities with the Westchester Knicks in the G League over the past two seasons.

McBride has shown flashes of these capabilities in his short time in an NBA rotation, and as more time and experience grows under his belt, he has the potential to be a very solid and effective two-way point guard for the Knicks.

As for now, the Knicks love the services McBride brings to the table, as they have translated into on-court success for both him and the team overall. He has now become a key piece to a Knicks rotation that has been mixed and matched throughout the early portion of the season.

McBride and the Knicks will look to continue to ride the hot hand on Sunday against the Indiana Pacers before returning home for a four-game homestand.

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