Knicks made a franchise-changing free-agent acquisition

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It is still early in his contract, but Jalen Brunson is already performing like one of the best signings in Knicks‘ history. The former Maverick bet on himself this past offseason following an impressive playoff run where he established a reputation for himself.

Dallas chose not to extend his contract, and the Knicks stepped up to offer him a substantial deal. So far, it appears to be an outstanding move, as Brunson continues to thrive in the playoffs.

Brunson has a long journey ahead before he is regarded as Knicks royalty, but he is already off to a fantastic start. The team’s leading man averaged 24 points per game during the regular season, accompanied by six assists. He was incredibly reliable, playing in 68 games and making a significant impact in each one. Brunson relies on his mid-range game and his ability to attack the basket and finish with either hand. His sturdy frame allows him to absorb contact and finish, and he has improved his three-point shooting every season in the league.

Brunson is showing up for the Knicks in the playoffs:

Without him, the Knicks would not be in their current position. He helps spread the floor, balance the offense, and provide much-needed leadership both on and off the court. This postseason, he has consistently delivered for New York, averaging 26.5 points and six assists. He was the primary reason the series did not end after Game 5. He played all 48 minutes in their do-or-die victory over Miami, scoring 38 points and adding 9 rebounds and 7 assists. In short, he was in top form.

Assuming Brunson maintains this level of play, he will be forever enshrined in Knicks’ immortality. He is a fantastic player whose style of basketball is incredibly enjoyable to watch. He is versatile on the ball, adept at making difficult plays appear easy, and an excellent leader for this group of players. Coach Thibodeau clearly trusts him to take charge, and his playing 48 minutes and 44 minutes in the two most crucial games of the season indicates his willingness to do whatever it takes for his team.

The playoffs are far from over, and with Brunson on the team, the Knicks are never counted out. He plays with a passion and intensity that has been absent for some time, and the team undoubtedly respects his determination. Brunson may post 30/10/10 and still not receive the recognition he deserves, but Knicks fans know they have a gem. If they want to continue their postseason run, the offense needs to keep flowing through him. He will undoubtedly continue to earn his accolades.

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