Knicks’ Immanuel Quickley works on isolation scoring in latest video

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Despite the New York Knicks‘ uncertainty about offering Sixth Man of the Year runner-up Immanuel Quickley a $100 million deal, he continues to hone his skills ahead of the 2023–24 NBA season.

There’s little doubt that some teams will see Quickley’s worth, given his immense potential as a rising star in the league. Averaging career-highs of 14.9 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 3.4 assists, with a .448 shooting percentage and a .370 hit rate from the three-point line last season, the 24-year-old Quickley undeniably holds immense promise.

The Quickley Factor: Boosting the Knicks’ Second Team

The influence Quickley brings to the Knicks’ second team is undeniable, serving as a key factor in the team’s overall performance. This season, the Knicks made strategic moves to strengthen their squad, extending Josh Hart’s contract and bringing in Donte DiVincenzo to enhance their three-point shooting and defense. However, Quickley’s position within the team remains crucial unless team President Leon Rose considers him for potential trade options.

Trade Speculations: Assessing Quickley’s Value

Recent reports suggest the Knicks have considered Quickley as a potential trade asset in return for prime-aged players. The aim isn’t necessarily to let him go, but rather to determine his market value and what other franchises might be willing to invest for his relatively low-cost one-year contract with extension potential. With his proven skills, Quickley certainly has the capability to serve as a starting point guard in the NBA.

Off-season Training: Focus on Isolation Scoring and Dribbling

Quickley has been diligent in his off-season training, as seen in a recently posted workout video where he focuses on his isolation scoring and shooting off the dribble.

His regular-season performance last year was electrifying, although he faced difficulties in the playoffs, with a shooting average of just .348 from the field and .243 from beyond the arc across eight games. Whether it was the heightened atmosphere or intensity, Quickley fell short of replicating his regular-season performance and exited the playoffs early due to an ankle sprain.

Looking Ahead: Quickley’s Role and Potential Impact

The Knicks have added enough new talent that they won’t need to overly rely on Quickley in the future. Still, his role as a backup point guard to Jalen Brunson remains invaluable, helping to compensate for any losses in the guard position. While a $100 million deal may seem excessive, if Quickley steps up and delivers a standout season, the Knicks might find it a worthy investment for securing a promising talent like him.

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