Knicks end Paul George trade talks with Clippers

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Recently, the New York Knicks have reportedly halted discussions for a possible trade of Los Angeles Clippers Star Forward, Paul George.

Alan Hahn, an analyst for ESPN and MSG, shed light on this development during a recent episode of the Bart & Hahn podcast. Hahn indicated that the club has been deterred by the exorbitant asking price for the superstar forward, showing reluctance to overhaul their roster for a potential one-year rental.

Hahn revealed on the podcast, “They said it was too expensive, they don’t want to do it… They talked to the Clippers, the Clippers gave what it would cost, then Paul George said ‘But I want an extension.’’ And they said ‘We’re not doing that.’ And they walked away. So Paul George, as far as now goes, it’s off the table.”

The Risk of Trading for Paul George

Despite being one of the game’s top talents and an elite two-way threat, Paul George presents a risky proposition due to his age (33) and history of injuries. Opting out of this trade could, therefore, prove to be a prudent move.

Strategy for the Upcoming Season

Given the apparent lack of interest in pursuing other big names on the market, such as James Harden and Damian Lillard, it seems increasingly likely that they will resist making significant changes to their roster for the upcoming season. The majority of their core team is expected to remain intact.

Should the Knicks choose to execute a major trade this off-season, they will need to look beyond Paul George. After Zach LaVine’s agency reportedly rebuffed the Knicks earlier this off-season, their options to acquire a star player are rapidly diminishing.

Offseason Activities

So far in the off-season, Leon Rose has traded Obi Toppin to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for two second-round picks and enlisted former Warriors Guard Donte DiVincenzo on a four-year/$50 million contract, thereby reinforcing their guard depth.

Any further moves are likely to be aimed at filling the backup Power Forward slot, considering that the only traditional Power Forward currently on the roster, apart from Julius Randle, is Isaiah Roby.

As for the rest of the summer, the team’s strategy remains uncertain. However, it would not be surprising if they choose to retain most of last year’s roster for the forthcoming season.

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