Knicks could still try to trade for Bulls star sharpshooter

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Although reports initially downplayed the possibility of Bulls’ superstar Zach LaVine being traded to the New York Knicks, the connection between the two parties remains potent.

New York Knicks and Zach LaVine: Persistent Links and Potential Obstacles

LaVine, fresh from a season where he averaged 24.8 points with a 48.5% shooting rate, has been entangled in trade rumors since the Bulls’ 2022-23 season concluded at the Miami Heat’s hands in the play-in tournament. However, discussions involving his name have stalled, and as it stands, there are no indications of him switching teams next season. Yet, his potential fit with the Knicks seems too compelling to abandon the chase.

Knicks’ Connection and Need for a Superstar

LaVine’s connection to the Knicks is not tenuous. He was coached by current Knicks’ Head Coach Tom Thibodeau during his early career with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Besides this connection, the Knicks are seeking another superstar-level talent to elevate them into serious contention. LaVine’s presence could potentially transform the Knicks’ offense into a force to be reckoned with.

While pairing LaVine with the smaller Jalen Brunson could present defensive challenges, the immense offensive firepower offered would significantly boost scoring across the court. Enhancing spacing and athleticism could be a massive stride in improving the Knicks’ offense, which was among the lower-ranked in the NBA last season.

The High Cost of Acquiring LaVine

However, acquiring LaVine in the market would come with a substantial price tag, likely involving multiple young players and draft picks. While the Knicks possess the assets to facilitate such a trade, the Bulls’ seeming reluctance to negotiate with them makes the process daunting.

Another potential obstacle is LaVine’s contract. He is slated to earn over $40 million each season until he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2027. Moreover, the Bulls appear willing to give their current core another shot in the hope of resolving their issues and making a postseason return.

Will the Knicks Pursue LaVine?

The extent to which the Knicks will pursue LaVine remains uncertain. However, given the potential he offers to transform the team’s offense and dynamics, he is not a player that New York should overlook. As the potential trade unfolds, it’s clear that this could be a game-changing move for the Knicks if they manage to overcome the multiple hurdles in the process.

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