Knicks could be ‘stuck’ with expensive shooter who nobody wants to trade for

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With the training camp right around the corner, the New York Knicks still have Evan Fournier on their roster, raising questions about his future and the potential of securing more playing time elsewhere. Fred Katz from The Athletic delved into the mysteries surrounding the 30-year-old shooting guard, who remains untraded even with the regular season fast approaching.

“There’s a reason he’s still here,” Katz said. “An $18.9 million expiring salary could help make the money work in a hypothetical trade for an expensive player. That deal hasn’t arisen, yet. Maybe it never will. But for now, with Fournier only a year away from free agency, the Knicks will continue to wait. They won’t dump him to another team. They won’t attach a young player or a draft pick just to shed his salary.”

Gauging Fournier’s Value

From Katz’s insights, it’s evident that the Knicks are adamant about extracting maximum value from Fournier. However, given his current perceived value and its declining trajectory, prospects of a lucrative deal seem slim for New York.

The prevalent sentiment was that Fournier would have found a new home by now. The palpable tension between him and the Knicks has cast a long shadow in recent months. If Fournier remains in the Knicks’ fold without seeing court time, it might spark a significant disruption, especially with his growing discontentment.

Amidst the high aspirations for the upcoming season, the Knicks would prefer to steer clear of any disruptions. The chemistry brewing within the team is crucial, and any discord, especially from a non-playing member, could potentially jeopardize it.

Trade Challenges for the Knicks

Navigating a trade involving Fournier, whose performance doesn’t align with his hefty paycheck, is proving to be a daunting task for the Knicks. The offers on the table haven’t been compelling, and there’s little indication of the scenario changing soon.

The looming possibility is that the Knicks might have Fournier on their roster throughout the forthcoming season. The subsequent developments remain shrouded in uncertainty. Keeping tabs on Fournier’s evolving relationship with the Knicks is crucial, given its apparent fragility.

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