Knicks’ $18 million trade candidate doesn’t know when he will be moved

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As each day passes by, Evan Fournier remains a member of the New York Knicks, with his fate for next season still uncertain. Fournier requested a trade earlier this offseason, but New York has been unable to oblige his request. The clock is now ticking and, with just under two months until the start of the regular season, Fournier is beginning to feel his lack of control in the situation.

Evan Fournier acknowledges lack of control in trade situation

After his run at a FIBA World Cup championship ended prematurely earlier this week, Fournier spoke to EuroHoops’s Antonis Stroggylakis and provided some insight on his future, acknowledging his lack of control in the situation.

“As you know it’s not in my hands,” Fournier said. “If the Knicks want to keep me, I’ll have to stay, if they want to trade me I’ll have to go.”

Fournier, 30, has been vocal this offseason with regards to his desire to get a better opportunity elsewhere. Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau took Fournier out of the rotation early last season and only played him in place of an injured player for the rest of the season.

The Knicks may not be able to trade Fournier

The $18 million AAV attached to Fournier’s contract makes trading him a difficult task, as his offensive production does not fully compromise for his lackluster defense, making him a very risky investment for any team.

Therefore, it is a real possibility that Fournier is unable to be dealt before training camp. With the rotation for next season all but set, it is almost certain he will not play a game for New York next season even if he is still with the team. In order for both parties to be satisfied, the Knicks should be more aggressive in finding a trade partner for Fournier.

How the Knicks handle this situation going forward will be something to watch, as an already frustrated Fournier grows evermore disgruntled.

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