Is Ignas Brazdeikis the real deal for the New York Knicks?

New York Knicks, Ignas Brazdeikis
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The New York Knicks drafted Ignas Brazdeikis with the 47th pick in the second round of the 2019 NBA draft. Understandably so, the million-dollar question is, will this 20-year-old Canadian raised and Lithuanian born scoring phenom become the real deal for the Mecca of basketball?

Knicks coaching staff, members of the media (if they’re allowed to enter) and other Knick players will find out a month from now in training camp. Since us Knick fans have nothing but time in early August, it won’t hurt to imagine and question why wouldn’t Iggy Braz be the real deal and the real steal of the second round like Mitchell Robinson turned out to be from the 2018 draft.

In Scott Perry we definitely trust.

The New York Knicks general manager has an eye for talent! Whenever has a Knick fan utter such words about an active GM for the franchise nearly every fan around the league enjoy taking shots at? It’s definitely been a while and it’s very refreshing watching a total rebuild with young talent including sharpshooting Brazdeikis. Give this kid a deadeye shooters badge 2K Sports!

The 6’7 215lbs of brute is right-handed with a smooth lefty three-point stroke. Ignas Brazdeikis learned toughness and perseverance from his father who was an MMA fighter. The former Michigan Wolverine leading scorer last season began playing the game at the age of 6 years old and never looked back. Brazdeikis, with determination and hard work throughout the years, turned himself into the ultimate fearless and natural scoring machine.

In college, Ignas Brazdeikis played the game with great passion and definitely fed off of the energetic crowd at the Crisler Center Arena in Michigan. Iggy Braz will definitely be looking forward to putting on a crazy show at Madison Square Garden in front of countless celebrities.

This potential second-round steal has a chance to endear himself to hungry Knick fan’s hearts. He showed flashes of dominance in summer league against the Phoenix Suns. Brazdeikis picking apart Phoenix was very encouraging to watch back in July. This type of performance got Knick fans drooling and thinking about endless possibilities and lineups Fizdale can insert this bucket getter in.

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It will be extremely difficult to keep this cold-blooded scorer off the floor especially if he shows he’s legit in training camp and in the preseason. Ignas Brazdeikis wants to obliterate his opponents then flex as he gets back on defense. This kid has the heart of a lion and he’ll catch many people by surprise once he is implemented into Fizdale’s system. Ignas Brazdeikis is the real deal in my opinion.

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