Could the Knicks trade promising young wing this offseason?

Quentin Grimes, New York Knicks

The New York Knicks‘ recent signing of Donte DiVincenzo and the reacquisition of Josh Hart has put Quentin Grimes, their third-year guard, in an intriguing predicament that could impact his future role on the team significantly.

Impact of Hart’s Trade on Grimes: The Shift in Offensive Production

Hart’s arrival in New York at last year’s trade deadline signaled a diminished role for Grimes. Hart’s addition led to a drastic fall in Grimes’ offensive output as Hart stepped into the spotlight in the clutch, taking on key defensive duties, even edging Grimes out of the starting lineup in several playoff games.

Grimes’ Performance: The Brighter Side

Prior to the arrival of Hart, Grimes was enjoying a phenomenal sophomore season in the NBA. His impressive average of over 11 points and an outside arc shooting accuracy of 39% significantly contributed to New York’s strengthened defense.

Despite bouts of underperformance, Grimes received substantial playing time from the Knicks, a testament to their belief in his potential on both ends of the floor. The conundrum now lies in finding his fit within the increasingly guard-dominated rotation.

Guard Rotation Challenge: Balancing Grimes, Hart, Quickley, and DiVincenzo

With an array of guards and small wings at their disposal, the Knicks are faced with the challenge of dividing playing minutes between Grimes, Hart, Immanuel Quickley, and DiVincenzo. Grimes has demonstrated his reliability in crucial situations, like his stellar 48-minute showing against Miami in the second round of the playoffs.

However, the Knicks may prefer to lean on the more seasoned talent in their roster during crunch-time situations, a decision that could considerably curtail Grimes’ role. Even if Grimes retains his spot in the starting five, DiVincenzo or Hart might usurp some of his minutes, potentially devaluing his standing in the market.

Potential Trade Options for Grimes: Capitalizing on High Upside

If the Knicks struggle to carve out a fitting role for Grimes, they might consider exploring trade options, looking to capitalize on his high potential. Although the Knicks aren’t predicted to make significant moves this offseason, the front office is known for springing surprises. This could entail a star player trade, potentially involving Grimes as part of the package.

The Knicks need to weigh their options, considering whether Grimes could still play an integral part in their future plans or if moving him would be beneficial in clearing their guard-heavy roster.

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