New York Jets will look to add Offensive Coach in Advisory Role

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One question looming in a big way surrounding the New York Jets as this offseason gets underway is the infrastructure of the offensive coaching staff.

Obviously, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur is a hot topic of conversation. Almost everyone feels strongly about one way or another. The statuses of position coaches Rob Calabrese and John Benton have been brought up due to the Jets’ poor quarterback and line play for most of 2022.

But one point, which has been brought up by fans and media, especially if the Jets retain all of these coaches, is adding an experienced offensive-minded coach in a senior advisor type of role.

Robert Saleh confirms New York Jets will hire Offensive Advisor:

Saleh was asked if he is first open and then considering adding a veteran offensive influence to the coaching staff as a senior advisor or consultant and emotionally stated the following.

“Yeah. You know, gonna get me choked up here. But, we had Knapper (Greg Knapp), God rest his soul. And I can look back and reflect on whether or not I should’ve replaced that position last year, I chose not to. I wanted to quiet the room. But that is a position we are definitely going to replace.”

The popular coach brought up by some Jets fans has been former head coach and Super Bowl champion, Gary Kubiak. Kubiak played a significant part in the development of the West Coach/Shanahan offense with the Denver Broncos in the 90s. He spent time in Houston with Saleh for five years (2006-2010). While Kubiak has no connection to Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, he did give his brother Matt his first opportunity in the NFL with the Texans in 2008.

Kubiak has been in the exact role that the Jets are looking for. In 2019, he was brought in by the Minnesota Vikings as an Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Advisor.

Kubiak has had to step down from coaching at various points due to health concerns, so there are no guarantees he would even have interest in the role.

The encouraging thing is that Saleh is looking for someone who can directly work with developing quarterbacks, especially if Zach Wilson is still on this roster. Also, someone with much more experience than Mike LaFleur who can help him grow and develop as a young play-caller.

This Jets offensive coaching staff could surely use some help. It is great to hear that Saleh expects to add to it. In the end, it will be interesting to see who Saleh winds up bringing in for this pivotal role.

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