New York Jets Sign John Franklin-Myers

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

One positive part of cut day and a high waiver wire slot is the infusion of new talent into the roster. That became apparent with when the New York Jets added a new defensive lineman primed to become a key rotational piece.

Introducing John Franklin Myers

Myers played at Stephen F. Austin University and played a big role for the squad. He had a great college career and decided to opt for the NFL Draft. After a really good pre draft process, Myers was selected by the Los Angeles Rams in the 4th round of the 2018 draft. Myers was supposed to be nothing more than a rotational piece that could eventually make an impact. Myers had 2.0 sacks in his rookie season, 10 tackles, 1 FF and a FR. He exceeded expectations and impressed the team on and off the field. He was able to open up holes for Donald and other Rams edge rushers like Dante Fowler. Myers played a big role that stats don’t account for. One thing stats do account for is his sack in the biggest game he may ever play in (the Super Bowl) on one of the greatest to ever play the game (Tom Brady). Myers is a great locker room presence off the field as he was awarded the teams rookie of the year award. Myers is a good presence to have on and off the field for Gang Green and it’s questionable why the Rams would release such an ascending talent.

How Will John Franklin Myers Fit With The Jets

Myers is a talented piece to add to the New York Jets locker room on and off the field but how will he fit in the Jets defense? Well, first things first, Gregg Williams loves to have a large group of talented and versatile defensive linemen. Williams like to keep them all fresh by rotating them in and out to make sure the best and freshest players are on the field at all times. Myers is a young talent similar to Henry Anderson who the Jets acquired last year from the Colts. He didn’t have a role but his youth and pass rushing ability allowed him to be a key piece for the Jets. I’d expect to see Myers fill a slightly smaller version of the role Anderson played last season.

Getting A Young Talent Is Great

Ultimately the Jets will provide John Franklin-Myers and opportunity to do his thing. If he fails then the Jets will have at least tried to give him a shot. If he succeeds he has the potential to be a key piece of the Jets defensive line for the long haul. Getting a 22 year old freak of nature who is a great locker room presence, has patience and is unselfish is a great asset to any squad. The Jets released an early rounder with supposed high potential on Saturday to some questioning by fans. Polite, the player I’m alluding to was a locker room issue without even playing a meaningful snap of football, he was selfish and careless. Franklin-Myers has already proven he’s unselfish and willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win and reach his full potential. Adding him was a great move.