New York Jets: Joe Douglas Expected to Bring Something New

New York Jets
Oct 28, 2018; Chicago, IL, USA; New York Jets defensive end Leonard Williams (92) and members of the New York Jets prepare to take the field prior to the game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets rid themselves of their old regime and brought in a proven winner in Joe Douglas. Douglas was a part of two super bowl teams and he played a crucial part in the development of both. From Baltimore to Philadelphia, Douglas always knew the winning recipe. Now in New York, Douglas has more holes on the roster than most teams he has worked with before. With injuries and a few gaping holes, it’s time for Douglas to do something the old regime could never, roll the dice and make a move.

What is The Biggest Hole

Although most Jets fans would hate to admit it, the cornerback situation is a tough fix. I came up with a few solutions but they all were far fetched and unlikely. Gregg Williams is someone who firmly believes in a pass rush being able to compensate for secondary woes.  In a point in time where there may not be many suitable options at either corner or pass rush on the free agency market, the trade market features a prominent game wrecker who the Jets have been linked too.

Introducing An Answer

Jadeveon Clowney is an absolute monster. Clowney was one of the most highly regarded prospects in recent memory and in his time in the NFL he may not have been the elite pass rusher many expected. The three-time pro-bowler has a total of 64 TFLs, 205 tackles and 29.0 sacks in 5 seasons. However, his stats don’t speak for him entirely. In those 5 seasons, he has 67 QB hits, he is an absolute game wrecker and can be a force no matter where he lands.

What A Trade Could Look Like

Ultimately, despite the fact he would be a rental, he’d still be a costly acquisition. The Jets could offer some sort of package that includes a 1st round pick, a player (to shed cap for the Jets and fill a need for Houston) and a mid-late rounder. It may even require more than that. Then, the Jets would have to figure out ways to financially make room for him. It is feasible but could be a tough situation for Douglas to figure out.

The Overall Results

Clowney could fit great as an edge-rushing option and with the New York Jets strong defensive line, he would have a real opportunity for significant success. Clowney then would finish the season and be eligible for an extension or another franchise tag. The Jets could then choose to resign him or they could flip him in a tag and trade deal. They could recoup their value and then some and ultimately look like winners on the deal either way.


In the end, the New York Jets always have interest but never can get it done. This is a replay of the Khalil Mack situation last year and the Jets came in second in that race. This time around, they shouldn’t come in second. It’s to the good of a situation for the Jets to pass up and in the end, it seems likely not to happen but it would be a great way for Douglas to make a statement and significantly improve the Jets.