New York Jets HC Robert Saleh announces Zach Wilson will be the backup this week

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New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh met with reporters this morning prior to practice. The first question he was asked was who the backup quarterback would be this week.

Obviously, over the last three weeks, Zach Wilson has been inactive since his benching. In turn, Joe Flacco was the backup to Mike White.

When Flacco had to enter Sunday’s game with White’s rib injury, he had his struggles. Whether it was missed throws or a costly fumble, Flacco did not look too great. It lead to the conversation of whether or not Wilson should be promoted from the third string to the backup.

Robert Saleh states Zach Wilson is now the New York Jets’ backup QB:

When asked if any update had been made in terms of the backup role, Saleh stated the following.

“Yeah, we’re moving up Zach to the number two spot and make Joe the third.” On why, Saleh had this to say, “Zach’s been doing a great job. He has. He’s been deliberate in his approach over the last three weeks. He’s been holding himself accountable with regard to how he wants to attack practice. How he’s been performing in practice. Going against our defense, which I think is a pretty good defense to go against. And working on all the different things that we’ve been asking him to accomplish.”

Saleh said the team is still preparing as if White, with his rib injury, will be the starter for this upcoming game.

He also made known that Wilson has done “good” with regard to resetting his footwork in practice, one of the main issues the young quarterback was having.

Lastly, in terms of whether or not the plan has changed, with Wilson ideally playing again in 2022, Saleh shared that, “I’m still in that same mindset, guys, with regard to Zach. He’s a very talented young man. Very talented young man.”

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