Jets may face interesting scenario if Mike White performs well in Week 12

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Now on their third quarterback in 11 games, even with an impressive 6-4 record that has surpassed expectations, the New York Jets have had anything but consistency at the most important position throughout 2022.

At his Wednesday morning press conference, Jets head coach Robert Saleh did proclaim that the goal is to start Zach Wilson again at some point this year. However, that could very well just be coach speak. Or, there is the unknown variable in play here that Mike White could play such good ball that the Jets would have to stick with him.

What will the Jets do if Mike White gets the job done?

The main point to take away from that question? All that the Jets simply need at the quarterback position right now is someone who can just get the job done. Nothing more or anything special. Something White proved last year. And an element to this situation that could very well tempt the Jets to keep Wilson on the sidelines.

The Jets have an immensely talented football team across the board that is playing well and capable of going the distance. Most would argue below average quarterback play would even be enough for this team right now. Just getting out of the bottom, which is where Wilson was, is all this team needs.

With the way that the defense is playing, just executing within the structure of the offense, relying on the great group of skill position players the Jets have, is all the quarterback of the Jets has to do right now. Very easy. It can make life that much better on an even more limited signal-caller, whether it be physically or athletically.

Of course, most have this impression that White could very well snatch the job based on what he showed last year, which was exciting. In just his first NFL start, White went 37-45 (82.2% completion), for 405 yards (nine yards per attempt), with three touchdowns (107.9 rating), leading the Jets offense to 34 points and a win over the eventual AFC Champion, Cincinnati Bengals.

He followed that strong performance up with a fast first quarter on a short week in Indianapolis in which he went 7-11 (63.6% completion) for 95 yards (8.6 yards per attempt) and a touchdown (121.4 rating).

White seems to be loved in the Jets’ locker room. He has the toughness and work ethic to rally a team at the most pivotal position. What he showed in those five quarters in 2021 against the Bengals and Colts was a quarterback who understands the offense, the timing in which to get the ball out, the ability to throw with accuracy, and spread the football around to the Jets’ many talented skill position players. And right now, with a much more talented roster than a year ago, White should only be able to build on that.

This Sunday will be a great opportunity to see what White can do for this Jets team. Should he play well and simply show an efficiency to run the Jets’ offense, and he could very well be the guy until, if he ever, proves otherwise.

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