Is Jets HC Robert Saleh on the hot seat?

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh watches his team warm up before a game against the Atlanta Falcons at MetLife Stadium
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The 2023-24 NFL Season has turned from great promise to absolute disaster for the New York Jets. A big reason why the Jets have struggled is the coaching coaching.

It is clear that the New York Jets are poorly coached and a lot of analysts are pointing fingers at offensive coordinator Nathanial Hackett. However, head coach Robert Saleh is not an innocent party in the coaching problem and might be on the hot seat.

The Jets are an undisciplined football team

One of the most glaring criticisms of Saleh this season has been the team’s consistent lack of discipline. Game after game, the Jets have been riddled with avoidable penalties, leading to concerns over the team’s overall discipline.

Michael Clemons, in particular, has repeatedly found himself in trouble on the field, raising red flags for the team. His repeated incidents, especially during the recent game against the Buffalo Bills, should have led to an NFL suspension. This consistent lack of discipline is reflective of coaching issues and has become a concerning trend for the team.

The Mike White T-Shirt fiasco

This incident, although from the past, raised doubts about Saleh as the head coach. Last season, when Zach Wilson was benched and Mike White took over as the starter, the entire team boarded the team plane wearing Mike White T-shirts.

This significantly impacted Wilson’s confidence and essentially dashed his chances of regaining the locker room’s support. Saleh allowing this to occur indicates a lack of effective management of team dynamics during that period. It raises concerns about his ability to maintain a conducive environment for Wilson’s development.

His winning record does not paint him well either

No matter how great or bad a coach is, they are often defined by their record. Saleh’s record has not been pretty. As of this date, his win/loss record in the three seasons coaching the New York Jets is 16-31 and his winning percentage is .340. That is not a great record at all and it won’t help the argument of his job being saved.

Saleh should indeed be on the hot seat, but there’s a significant reason why he’s not under as much pressure as coaches like Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers and Ron Rivera of the Washington Commanders, and that reason is Aaron Rodgers.

One of the compelling factors that brought Rodgers to the Jets was his liking for the coaching staff in New York, Saleh being one of them. This could potentially buy Saleh more time in New York.

The Jets’ decisions regarding the coaching staff at the end of the season will be intriguing. There’s a consensus that some changes are necessary since the team has shown signs of poor coaching. As time progresses, it’ll become clearer whether Saleh’s position is indeed under intense scrutiny.

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