How the New York Jets’ playoff hopes change with a win in Week 11

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There is no denying the significance of the New York Jets’ upcoming game in Week 11. In the midst of a tightly competitive AFC conference and, even more, a division in the AFC East that currently holds four playoff teams, each divisional game from here on out is paramount for the Jets to make the playoffs.

The start of three remaining games within the division is this week. On the road, the Jets will look to take down the New England Patriots for the first time since 2015.

How well can the New York Jets help their playoff chances in Week 11?

At the moment, with a 6-3 record, a 2-1 division record, and a 5-3 conference record, per ESPN Analytics, the 2022 Jets have a 72.2% chance of making the playoffs. Should they win this week, their probability only increases.

A win in Foxborough improves the Jets’ chances in a few ways. First, the Jets split their two-game set for the year with the Patriots, negating the significance of the Week 8 loss. A huge key when it comes to tiebreakers. Also, the Jets give themselves a full two-game lead over the Patriots with only seven weeks left of play, making it hard for the Patriots to catch up.

Even going beyond gaining essential ground on the Patriots, within the entire AFC East, the Jets capture first place with a record of 7-3, greatly building on their likelihood of making the postseason. Thanks to wins against the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, for now, the Jets would get the nod over the two great teams in the division.

Then, looking at things from a more broad perspective across the AFC, the Jets, with a win in Week 11, would pick up a game on the loser of the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers matchup, key for wild card purposes.

From there, two other key AFC matchups with regard to playoff implications this week are between the Bills and Cleveland Browns, along with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The keys to victory this week for the Jets are fairly self-explanatory. The elite defense should keep up its dominance. On special teams, plays in timely situations have to continue to come. Offensively, the Jets have to commit to the ground game for four quarters and keep mistakes at a minimum.

The outcome of the turnover battle has directly led to the Jets’ five wins and one loss since the return of Zach Wilson. Winning as a team once again in that category this week will be crucial, to win. Lastly, no penalties that lead to huge swings like the ones in the Week 3 and 8 losses can be committed by the Jets in this one. In essence, limiting mental mistakes and allowing the talent of the team to take over puts the Jets in a prime position to win.

Winning in New England this week would undeniably be huge for this Jets football team. Those 72.2% playoff chances only boost up further distancing themselves from one of nine teams competing for seven playoff spots. Coming off of a bye week and their most convincing win of the year, with a recent home loss against the Patriots fresh in the mind, the Jets should be motivated and find a way to come out on top in this game as they look to inch closer to the playoffs.

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