Dear New York Jets, it’s time to move on from Zach Wilson for good

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New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson (2) walks off the field after losing to the Detroit Lions, 20-17, at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022. Nfl Ny Jets Vs Detroit Lions Lions At Jets

It has been a tough season for the New York Jets, given their high expectations at the beginning of the season. Aaron Rodgers was expected to be the starting quarterback of the team, but due to a torn Achilles, his season ended after only four snaps. Thus, Zach Wilson has been the starting quarterback for the Jets.

Since then, Wilson has had more negative moments than positive ones. Considering the way he has played this season, it is time to face facts: Wilson does not have a future with Gang Green.

It’s time for the Jets to move on from Zach Wilson

Dear New York Jets,

It is time to part ways with quarterback Zach Wilson.

There have been so many previous examples of how Wilson has flopped with the constant bad performances, injuries, and immaturity issues. However, his latest performance against the Buffalo Bills made it evident that he will never be a franchise quarterback for the Jets.

In the game against the Bills, he had two embarrassing moments that were tough to witness. The first occurred when he collided with Robert Saleh on the sidelines, and the second was when he tripped while trying to get into the huddle. His trip may even be considered as embarrassing as the infamous Butt Fumble, potentially becoming a lowlight in the Jets’ franchise package.

Even statistically, Wilson had a putrid game with 7/15 completions, a 57.9 QBR, one passing touchdown, one interception, and 81 passing yards. His performance was so awful, that the Jets decided to put Tim Boyle in to finish the game. A Tim Boyle who has been a journeyman QB and has played with four teams in the past four years.

With him getting benched for Tim Boyle, it’s challenging to see how Wilson comes back from this setback. His struggle began when he failed to take responsibility for the team’s issues last season. There was hope for improvement during Rodgers’ training camp influence, but he’s been unable to put it all together.

Most of the coaching staff appears to have given up on him at this point, casting doubts on Wilson’s return to the starting position. It is perplexing why Joe Douglas decided not to make a move during the trade deadline for a quarterback with this team ready to win now.

Considering the recent state of the locker room, it’s evident that there’s a pressing need for changes within the offense, particularly at the quarterback position. So, the Jets did what they had to and now Tim Boyle will be starting for the New York Jets in their upcoming matchup against the Miami Dolphins. It is time to go a step further.

Wilson has been given numerous opportunities but has consistently failed to perform at a level that garners trust from the team. The trust in him has diminished, especially after the latest matchup against the Buffalo Bills. The Jets need to at least consider parting ways with Wilson by releasing him in the offseason as the writing is on the wall at this point.

Regardless, as the quarterback of the New York Jets, Wilson has faced substantial challenges. Wilson might be labeled as one of, if not the biggest, draft busts in New York Jets history, and it’s time to admit faults and part ways. It will be tough doing what has to be done, but it is time.

Sincerely, a fan of the New York Jets.

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