Why Kenny Golladay should be the New York Giants’ top target in free agency

Anthony Rivardo
New York Giants, Kenny Golladay
New York Giants, Kenny Golladay

The New York Giants will be looking to upgrade their offense this offseason. One position New York will target is wide receiver. The Giants’ receiving trio of Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton, and Golden Tate underperformed in 2020. In 2021, New York will hopefully add a new face to the mix.

While the Giants are in need of a new receiving threat for Daniel Jones, they are entering a free agency period loaded with talent at the position they so desperately need to upgrade. Amongst the top free-agent wide receivers includes Pro Bowl talents like Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay, and Chris Godwin.

One of those big three stands out amongst the rest as a perfect fit for the New York Giants. Kenny Golladay should be the New York Giants’ top target in free agency.

Why Kenny Golladay is a perfect fit for the Giants

The top three wide receivers in free agency are going to be expensive. New York is already tight on cap space, but will likely make cuts to free up space and make a run at one of these top receiving options. Allen Robinson will be the most expensive option and will likely be priced out of the Giants’ price range.

But just a peg below Robinson will be Kenny Golladay. Now, Golladay will also command a boat-load of money. But he is definitely going to be the more affordable option of the top two receivers. According to Spotrac, Golladay is projected to receive a contract worth around $17 million on average annually. Allen Robinson’s projected market value is around $20 million on average annually.

The Giants can save a few million dollars by bidding on Kenny Golladay instead of Allen Robinson but still receive a huge influx of talent. The Giants do not have a receiver like Kenny Golladay. Kenny is a true wide receiver who lines up all over the field and puts up big numbers.

Additionally, Kenny Golladay is a perfect scheme fit for Jason Garrett’s offense. Garrett loves a big-body wide receiver who can make contested catches as he had with Dez Bryant during their best years in Dallas. Golladay is one of the best contested-catch receivers in the NFL.

Kenny Golladay stats and highlights

Since 2019, Kenny Golladay has the fourth-highest contested catch rate in the NFL at 67%, per Pro Football Focus. Golladay’s 36 contested catches in 2019 and 2020 combined is the third-highest total in that time span, and he only played five games in 2020. Kenny is also the vertical threat that the Giants desperately need but do not have.

Golladay’s average depth of target in 2019 and 2020 was 15.8 yards, the fourth-highest amongst NFL wide receivers. Kenny proved to be one of the NFL’s elite wide receivers in 2019. He made his first Pro Bowl appearance after racking up 1,190 yards on 65 receptions and a league-high 11 touchdown receptions.

Kenny Golladay is a true number one wide receiver. The Giants reportedly inquired about a trade for Kenny Golladay in October of 2020. It makes sense why they were interested, and they should still be interested in entering the 2021 free agency period. If Golladay does indeed hit the open market this year, the New York Giants should make him their top target.