What Would It Take For The New York Giants To Land Russell Wilson?

Could the New York Giants find a way to acquire Russell Wilson in a potential trade?
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The chances of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson coming to the New York Giants are slim, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a dream I’m not yet willing to cough up as a dozy. The trading of Wilson would make the Giants an immediate Super Bowl contender, but it would require the team to cut Eli Manning and give up their first-round pick.

Just imagine Wilson and Saquon Barkley running the read-option…my, oh my, wouldn’t that be a sight to see. The offense would be potent, and virtually unstoppable on paper.

What would it theoretically take to secure Wilson for the Seahawks?

Securing a perennial Pro Bowler would not come cheap, but the Giants have the draft picks to offer in a potential deal. He’s in the final year of his contract and will take up $25.286 million in cap space, just a bit more than Manning believe it or not.

To trade and then sign Wilson to a long-term deal would cost the Giants a fortune, but if you look closely, fortune kind of looks like Super Bowl when Wilson is involved.

A potential deal would likely include the No. 6 overall pick in the draft and a few players. Seattle has a lot of issues on the offensive side of the ball and their defense is quickly falling apart after several dominant seasons. Earl Thomas is on his way out and a once-dominant front-four has seen their stock decline.

Acquiring two additional first-rounders could change the course of a franchise. It would get rid of Wilson’s massive cap-hit and allow them to hit the restart button with a cheap QB and a top edge rusher. It really all comes down to Seattle’s management and what direction they want to take the team.

Colin Cowherd heard a rumor that Wilson’s famous wife, Ciara, prefers to live in the Big Apple. Here’s his direct quote on the matter:

“Wilson’s wife is Ciara. She is a singer and an entertainer. She would prefer to live in New York. The Giants need a quarterback, and there’s nobody in the draft they love. So, just remember this. A lot of things add up: Last year of Russell’s contract. His wife would prefer New York. Seattle is not an entertainment mecca. … The Giants need a star quarterback to replace Eli [Manning].”

A deal that mutually promotes the improvement of both squads could make sense, but from my perspective, I see the Giants choosing to draft their next quarterback so they can keep the salary cap open to sign other quality players. Wilson’s payout would heavily restrict them, and the defense is in dire need of support.