Video: Giants players go crazy as Joe Judge dives into mud to recover fumble

New York Giants, Joe Judge

When New York Giants’ head coach Joe Judge instituted running laps as a consequence during practice, talking heads around the NFL begin to criticize his methods. Undisputed’s Shannon Sharpe stated that players wouldn’t take well to his punishments, but it seems as if they are enjoying camp and the intensity he brings every day.

Having a successful football team requires discipline and accountability, two factors that Judge has drilled into the heads of his players. They understand that everyone must show up and do their jobs adequately if they desire victory, and nothing else is tolerated. The ultimate goal was to turn the state of the franchise around after consecutive losing seasons and multiple head coaches.

On Tuesday afternoon, following the exciting new signing of Logan Ryan on defense, Joe Judge proved the team was behind him and is excited to move forward.

With the first game of the regular season on September 14, the Giants are just about ready to begin preparing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. With a strong offense and defense, overcoming them will be difficult.

Nonetheless, they have the talent to compete; it’s just a matter of coming together and putting their best foot forward. Game-planning will be a significant portion of the team’s development and progression. Changing their schemes on a weekly basis to fit their opponents is how Judge plans to operate, which is something we haven’t seen in recent years.

Former head coach Pat Shurmur tended to rely on the same plays and scheme weekly, which opposing teams figured out quickly.