The New York Giants have a secret weapon on the coaching staff

New York Giants, Jerry Schuplinski

Taking a look at one secret weapon the New York Giants have up their sleeve:

The New York Giants overhauled their entire coaching staff this past off-season, which ultimately represents uncertainty for the future. Their 2019 coaches clearly failed to get the job done, and the hope is that the new management regimen will be more disciplined and effective in their quest to bring success to Big Blue.

Every position was essentially turned over, but the secret weapon the Giants should be excited about is quarterbacks coach, Jerry Schuplinski.

Schuplinski spent six seasons with new head coach Joe Judge with the New England Patriots. He has experience training/developing Tom Brady, Jacoby Brissett, and Jimmy Garoppolo, three starting quarterbacks in the NFL, two of them have been to a Super Bowl with their own team.

Each quarterback has had nothing but positive things to say about Schuplinski, who is versed in training the mental aspects of quarterbacks and helping them through the developmental curve. He can be a golden goose for the Giants, who are thrusting Daniel Jones into his second offense in two seasons. Having new faces and new coaches around him will certainly be problematic, but they have brought in the perfect pieces to help him transition with simplicity.

“When I first stepped into the facility for rookie minicamp, he definitely took me under his wing and I think the process led right up until my last day there,” Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett said, via WEEI, of his time with Schuplinski in New England. “I think what his role was and what he felt like he embraced was he was going to go through the learning curve with me. That was something I respected and I took to heart. I am sure he didn’t have to, but he went with me through my ups and downs and the learning process with the offense. I think that paid off a lot for me.”

Jacoby states how Schuplinski helped his progress and stuck with him every step of the way in New England. This ultimately led him to become a starting-caliber player down the line. It seems that every quarterback that goes through the New England system somehow finds a way to land a starting gig and perform at a high-level in the NFL.

“I can’t even tell you how many conversations I had with Jerry just man-to-man, him helping me out and getting me acclimated to the NFL life,” Garoppolo told “I really thank him for that. I probably wouldn’t be where I am at without him.”

Garoppolo expressed his gratitude toward Jerry, who became more than just a coach, but rather a friend. Being honest and truthful in the NFL is essential for success, and holding yourself and others accountable plays into the equation. Schuplinski made sure that Garoppolo had everything he needed, including honesty, to reach his potential finally.

“The goal is to work everyone up to the level that’s the highest we can go,” Schuplinski said in 2019. “And not work downward. It’s a constant challenge on younger guys, but that’s a good thing.”

The Giants are in great hands moving forward at the quarterback spot, and Daniel Jones should be ecstatic to work with a coach as capable as Schuplinski. All we can hope is that Jones grasps the offense in stride and can exceed expectations in year two.