The New York Giants’ draft plans could be shaken up significantly

New York Giants, Joe Judge
New York Giants, Joe Judge

While the 2020 NFL Draft seems rather clear-cut, the New York Giants are in a volatile position to be ignored in the 4th overall spot. Winning against the Washington Redskins last season might prove to be the worst thing that happened all year, aside from Saquon Barkley going down with a high ankle sprain.

Losing to Washington successfully plunged the Giants down to the 4th spot, even though they lost the Detroit Lions, who now hold the 3rd overall selection. At the NFL Combine, Washington head coach Ron Rivera made it known that they would be evaluating quarterbacks, despite having Dwayne Haskins on the roster. Of Joe Burrow somehow slipped to the second-overall pick, Washington would likely take him or trade back.

The first three picks of the draft may be all quarterbacks, which would land the Giants, Chase Young, resulting in an extraordinary turn of events.

Looking into the future, the Giants will have no choice but to wait until their pick to either stay put or draft back. Their action entirely depends on the decisions of Washington and Detroit, as we can assume the Bengals will walk away with Burrow at No. 1.

New York Giants’ Joe Judge has left the doors for change wide open:

Judge stated at the Combine that everybody is starting with a clean slate and that he wouldn’t be advocating for any specific player, even failing to express his confidence in Daniel Jones, who will inevitably be the Giants’ starting quarterback for the foreseeable future.

Not committing to any players allows the Giants to progress into the free-agent period without any liabilities, it also forces the players already on the team to work harder to retain their spot on the team. Judge is pulling this mentality right out of the book of Belichick.