The New York Giants are not going to trade for Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson, New York Giants

The New York Giants introduced their new General Manager, Joe Schoen, today. Schoen spoke to the media about a variety of topics regarding the future of the Giants. Co-owner John Mara also spoke with the media and answered questions regarding his franchise. The Giants’ new GM and co-owner were asked about the quarterback position and both shared the same vision regarding a rumored trade for Houston Texans gunslinger, Deshaun Watson. Will the Giants pursue such a trade? No, the New York Giants are not going to trade for Deshaun Watson.

John Mara rules out Deshaun Watson

John Mara made it clear today that the Giants will not acquire Deshaun Watson. He explained that there are many reasons why the Giants would not trade for Watson, primarly due to the many sexual assault allegations that the quarterback is facing, along with New York’s inability to fit a contract of that magnitude under the salary cap.

Building around Daniel Jones

In addition to ruling out a move for Deshaun Watson, Joe Schoen made clear his intentions to build around Daniel Jones. Schoen said, “We’ll build an offense to accentuate what Daniel (Jones) does best.” John Mara backed up Schoen’s comments by showing his own support for Daniel Jones:

“We do feel Daniel can play. We’ve done everything possible to screw this kid up.” – John Mara on Daniel Jones (via Mike Garafolo)

Of course, actions speak louder than words, and we have seen NFL general managers, owners, and head coaches make false promises to quarterbacks before. But the Giants’ public show of support in their quarterback is worth noting. Deshaun Watson is ruled out and Daniel Jones seems set to start for the New York Giants once again in 2022.

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