The Giants may actually get their value back with Davis Webb after all

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The New York Giants seem to be in the middle of the full rebuild, but they’re still committed to building around Daniel Jones this upcoming season. Providing Jones with physical and mental support has been the goal for GM Joe Schoen and HC Brian Daboll. Aside from bolstering the offensive line, the Giants have brought in former 3rd round pick during the Jerry Reese era, Davis Webb, to serve as the 3rd string quarterback.

Webb, who has only played in one regular-season game since being drafted in 2017, has played an instrumental role in helping his team on the back-end, using his intelligence and work ethic to elevate those around him.

In fact, the Buffalo Bills asked Webb if he would join their coaching staff, retiring from the game as a player. Webb decided to continue playing, which was likely a financial decision, but one that will benefit the Giants.

“He’s unbelievable with his teammates in terms of off the field, studying,” Daboll said, per Zack Rosenblatt of “He would meet with Josh (Allen) every Friday night and go through our call sheet and organize it. (He’s a) great sounding board and a really good competitor.”

Webb clearly offers the starting quarterback exponential value, presenting a sounding board with knowledge of the entire playbook to help understand protection schemes and route concepts.

It’s interesting to see Daboll reference Webb as a big part of Josh Allen’s success, which plays into the idea that it “takes a village to raise a quarterback.”

Daboll remains invested in Webb, instilling the belief that there’s more value left to untap.

“He’s a third-round QB that was raised in a football family,” Daboll said, “and I just think there’s something untapped there.”

The likely scenario is that Webb ends up coaching Daniel Jones rather than gaining a legitimate opportunity to play n the regular season. Daboll likely didn’t want to lose his value behind the scenes, which is why he scooped him up quickly this off-season.

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