Should the New York Giants sign Mitchell Trubisky this offseason?

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The New York Giants just hired their general manager and head coach. Joe Schoen (GM) and Brian Daboll (HC) were both hired from the Buffalo Bills. Giants fans are excited for the modernized approach that the Schoen and Daboll brain trust will provide. Brian Daboll’s reported “love” for Daniel Jones helped him secure the job. But should the Giants consider adding Mitchell Trubisky, a Bills quarterback that has learned from Daboll, to compete with Daniel Jones?

Daniel Jones has missed starts dealing with injuries in each of his first three seasons. Last offseason, the Giants opted to go with Mike Glennon as their backup quarterback rolling into 2021. When Daniel Jones missed the season’s final five games with an injury, New York realized they made a mistake by not investing more into the backup quarterback position.

This offseason, the Giants need to place a greater emphasis on the backup quarterback position. QB2 is important, especially when your starting quarterback has missed eight games in the last two years due to injuries. The Giants just hired the Buffalo Bills’ offensive coordinator as their next head coach. Brian Daboll could collaborate with Joe Schoen to bring a Bills backup quarterback to New York: former first-round pick Mitchell Trubisky.

Should the Giants consider signing Mitchell Trubisky?

Mitchell Trubisky is best-known at this stage in his career for being a first-round bust with the Chicago Bears. The Bears drafted the quarterback out of UNC with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Trubisky lasted only four years in Chicago before the team moved on and drafted his replacement. Mitch spent the 2021 season playing the backup role behind Josh Allen in Buffalo. With the Bills, Trubisky rarely saw the field, however, he did benefit from being coached by some of the brightest offensive minds in the sport.

Brian Daboll, the former offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills, is ready to step in as the next head coach of the New York Giants and help Daniel Jones take his game to the next level. But the Giants should have learned in 2021 that they need contingencies at the quarterback position.

Mitch Trubisky was once a first-round pick and was also once a Pro Bowl quarterback (2018). His career has not gone as planned just yet, but there is still time for Mitch to turn things around or at least find success as a long-term backup. Transitioning from Buffalo to New York would give Mitchell Trubisky continuity in coaching. The offense that Daboll runs in New York is going to be very similar to the one he ran in Buffalo. In fact, Daboll is even looking to bring over Ken Dorsey (Bills quarterbacks coach) as his offensive coordinator with the Giants.

Daniel Jones’s starting position seems pretty safe. John Mara and Joe Schoen publicly stated their intentions to build around Daniel Jones. But bringing in Mitchell Trubisky could provide Jones with some competition, forcing the Giants’ starter to play better and hopefully reach his potential. However, Trubisky should serve as an upgrade even as a backup quarterback. He knows Daboll’s scheme and could help get others up to speed, too. This offseason, the New York Giants should absolutely consider signing Mitchell Trubisky.

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