Should the New York Giants expect to have Daniel Jones in week 13 vs Seattle?

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Entering the week 12 contest against the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had completed 63.5% of his passes for 2,122 yards, 8 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. While his touchdowns are down significantly compared to 2018 (24), he is still adapting to Jason Garrett’s new offensive scheme.

With a healthy blend of running the football and schemed passes, Jones has found himself developing in a new system that is built to fit his mold. However, with running the football comes the increased risk of injury, and that is exactly what happened to Jones against the Bengals on Sunday afternoon.

In the second half, Daniel went down after extending the play with his legs. He was holding his hamstring on the way up and attempted to stay in the game but was pulled shortly after. The official diagnosis was a right hamstring pull, which forced him out for the remainder of the game and required Colt McCoy to step in at quarterback.

Jones going down is extremely problematic for the offense, which relies on him to keep opposing defenses honest with his legs but also with his accuracy. Prior to his injury, Jones successfully completed two beautiful passes to Evan Engram down-field and just barely missed on a 55-yard bomb to Darius Slayton, slipping through his fingertips.

Jones has taken massive steps forward the past few weeks, with the Giants winning three consecutive games for the first time since 2016.

The New York Giants are hopeful Jones can make a quick comeback:

Following the win, head coach Joe Judge stated that he was optimistic Jones would be able to play against the Seattle Seahawks in week 13.

This seems more like coach-talk than reality. Hamstring injuries can be extremely tumultuous and lengthy when it comes to rehabilitation. The Giants desperately needed to win against the Bengals, though, as they prepare to go on a four-game-streak against winning football teams. Their four wins this season are all against losing squads, but the sign of a good team is beating the bad ones and not playing down to competition.

Even Jones mentioned that extent of the injury is tough to tell at this point. Tomorrow when he receives treatment, they will have a better understanding of how bad the pull was. An X-ray should uncover the severity. However, if the Giants are forced to utilize McCoy for more than one week, they will be in serious trouble, hurting Jones’s development in the system and continuity. Hopefully, the injury wasn’t as bad as previously thought.

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