Reacting and Roasting: Giants ride offense to another disheartening loss Vs Miami

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The New York Giants dropped another disheartening game to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, thanks to another abysmal offensive performance. To my surprise, some fans even clamored that backup quarterback Mike Glennon would offer the Giants a better opportunity to win over Miami, but his long neck did nothing but underthrow receivers and churn out one of the team’s worst performances of the year (which I thought would be hard to do).

Glennon, who was diagnosed with a concussion following the game, finished with just 187 yards and an interception, being sacked three times. Interestingly, the coaching staff came to the conclusion that Glennon was the best backup option for Jones. They are opposites of one another, which entirely disrupts the offensive scheme.

The entire concept behind a backup quarterback is to supplement similar strengths to the starter, and the coaching staff couldn’t even do that correctly, bringing in a stagnant passer that has less mobility than Nate Solder after he’s been put on his backside.

At this point in the season, the only positives we can rely on are draft selections. After Chicago and New York dropped their games on Sunday, they currently host the No.6 and 7 overall picks in the 2022 NFL draft. If Seattle wins against San Francisco, the Giants would increase their spot to the 5th overall selection.

For another consecutive season, the biggest positive is how high the Giants can get in the draft, which displays an unfortunate organizational flaw. Failure has become the new norm for Big Blue, ranging from the absurd usage of timeouts in peculiar situations to the decision-making of the offensive play-caller. However, that doesn’t even touch on how poor the offensive line is, barely opening up gaps large enough for a peewee football player to exploit.

This team has reached new levels of bad, and at this point, a clean break from general manager Dave Gettleman and head coach Joe Judge might be the best move. If the Giants are keen on ridding themselves of Gettleman once and for all at the end of the season, forcing Judge on a new GM could spell trouble. God forbid the Mara’s elevate Kevin Abrams to the general manager spot, we will be watching one of the most aggravating downfalls of a sports franchise in the past decade.

There comes a point that when Twitter armchair GM’s are proposing better ideas and concepts than the actual coaches on the Giants’ staff, you know the organization is headed toward the abyss.

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