Possibility of Nick Foles To New York Giants Scared The Philadelphia Eagles

New York Giants, Eli Manning

Should the New York Giants have made more of a run to bring in Eagles quarterback Nick Foles? Foles is now with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but was the top quarterback of this year’s free agency after the Eagles decided not to use the franchise tag to keep Foles in Philadelphia. With the Jaguars trading Blake Bortles away, it looks like at least one team has the faith in Foles to be a starting caliber player.

It also looks like the Eagles thought highly of the player, even though they decided to stick with their main man, Carson Wentz, instead of keeping Foles around for another year as an expensive backup. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said that much himself, this week at the NFL owner’s meetings.

“We were also, to be honest about it, hoping that he would not end up with the Giants or the Redskins,” Lurie said about Foles. Both teams are said to be quarterback needy, but neither one has found their man just yet.

The Giants are sticking with Eli Manning this season and could potentially draft Manning’s successor as soon as this year, while the Redskins have been mentioned by many as a team that could trade up past the Giants to make sure that they get the player they want.

Other teams trading up, and whether or not to spend their draft pick on a quarterback, is not something the Giants would have to worry about if they had made a move for a free agent player.

But it’s too late to change the decision after it was already made, whether or nor allowing the Jaguars to sign Foles was the right or the wrong move. Eli Manning is the Giants’ quarterback this season. Whether or nor the team makes moves for the future during this offseason or waits, though, is up for debate.