New York Giants: Stefon Diggs’ glowing review speaks volumes about Brian Daboll as a coach

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The New York Giants are heavily considering Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll as their next head coach.

However, there are concerns that Daboll lacks experience, similar to Joe Judge, who survived just two years on the job before Big Blue moved on to greener pastures.

Daboll is quite different, though, spending the last few seasons calling plays for Buffalo‘s offense, which ranked 3rd this past regular season in points per game with 28.4 points per game.

Buffalo doesn’t have first-round talents littered across their offense, whereas the Giants are stacked full of former top picks as a result of terrible seasons.

One of the most attractive factors that Brian brings to any NFL team is his personality.

Spending the last two years in upstate New York and coming from Canada, Daboll finds himself caring passionately for his players. Whether it be consoling Josh Allen after his grandma passed away in 2020 or helping bring out the best in individual athletes, he has made an impact at every level of the game.

One current Bills player has tried to hide Daboll and his excellence from the media, hoping he can keep him around for a bit longer.

Marcel Louis-Jacquez of ESPN wrote a story about Brian Daboll back in 2021, digging up several awesome quotes referencing his character. Stefon Diggs raved about the Bills’ offensive coordinator. In fact, he tried to hide his love for him from the media in fear of losing him as a coach.

“I hate to keep giving him so much credit because I don’t want anyone to steal him from me,” Diggs said. “He’s a guy that knows what he’s doing, he knows the flow of the game, knows when to call what. We just trust him, whatever he calls…

The New York Giants needs a coach who’s trusted:

Diggs is currently one of the best receivers in football, enjoying his first two Pro Bowl appearances with Buffalo after spending five years in Minnesota to start his career. He recorded a high of 1535 yards and a first-team All-Pro nod in 2020. This past regular season, he tallied 1225 yards and 10 total touchdowns, showcasing his capabilities and status as an elite receiver.
Diggs gives double a ton of credit to Daboll’s playcalling and the trust he commands from the players in the huddle. If you are a Giants fan, you not only see how impactful Brian can be as a coordinator, but he’s a molder of men. That’s a representation of a head coach.
Aside from leading a team into battle every Sunday, the head coach needs to have development skills, as Daboll displayed through Josh Allen’s meteoric rise to elite status, not to mention helping Diggs become a premium receiver.
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