New York Giants Set To Rush Daniel Jones Back Into Action

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

For some reason, the New York Giants are set on getting rookie quarterback Daniel Jones as much game time as possible this year – even if getting him that experience in regular season games involves throwing him back into the fire so to speak. Jones missed the game against the Eagles due to picking up an ankle injury which put him in a walking boot, but for some reason, with three games left this season, the coaching staff still wants to bring Jones back this year rather than resting him until next season.

According to Pat Shurmur, Jones will be back as soon as he’s ready to play, and won’t be held out as a precaution because of the late season injury.

Eli Manning, of course, had the start against the Eagles and had a resurgent performance in the first half before playing slower in the second half, partly due to a lack of offensive adjustments to keep the Giants competitive as the Eagles changed their own strategy. Manning nearly received a win to push his career record over .500, but the game ended in an overtime loss.

He may not get another chance to improve his record if, for some reason, the Giants place Jones back in the firing line and start him despite his recent injury. Even if Jones is technically able to play, it’s an odd decision due to the fact that at this point there’s already nothing to play for – there’s only a few games left in the season and the Giants aren’t competing for much of anything, other than draft position.

One would think the team would take the chance to make up for some of the fallout around the way they benched Eli Manning earlier by giving Manning another start at home and letting him close out what might be his last ever season as the starter, but then again, few things the Giants have done this year could be described as predictable or especially competent.

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