New York Giants: Reacting to the ridiculous Kadarius Toney ‘bust’ narrative

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Some fans and analysts are already clamoring on about New York Giants‘ first-round pick, Kadarius Toney being a bust due to a few inauspicious offenses. When the Giants traded back in the 2021 NFL draft with the Chicago Bears, nobody expected them to take the Florida stand-out receiver, but he offers another element to the offense with his shifty abilities and powerful running style.

However, he has gotten off to a rocky start so far with the Giants, and somehow people are equating that to a bust narrative, despite him showing no signs of lacking respect or discipline. After rookie camp, where Toney was given the wrong size cleats without a guaranteed contract, he waited out voluntary camp but showed up to the facilities to ensure the coaching staff he was at the very least around the building.

One analyst devised an article questioning Toney’s start, harping on the time he spent with the second team during minicamp — a lazy analysis from NBC Sports analyst Mike Florio.

Via Dan Duggan of, Toney spent the mandatory minicamp working exclusively with the second-string offense. That meant he got no reps with quarterback Daniel Jones.

Toney, as noted by Duggan, has had a clunky start to his NFL career. His performances at rookie minicamp became undermined by a cleat issue (he did drills with one bare foot) and a minor injury. Then, he skipped three weeks of OTAs because he didn’t have a contract.

It seems as if Florio tries to pin these claims on Dan Duggan, who simply pointed out the transgressions and didn’t jump to a conclusion regarding several isolated incidents that were justified.

The events that have transpired since the New York Giants drafted Kadarius Toney:

1.) Missed VOLUNTARY workouts

Toney missed voluntary workouts after dealing with equipment issues that nearly lead to an injury. Having yet to sign his rookie contract, which was completely out of his hands and reliant on his agents, they elected to keep him healthy and safe from any further issues. This is completely justified; Saquon Barkley did the same thing during his rookie season back in 2018.

2.) Left mandatory camp early due to a family EMERGENCY

Toney left mandatory camp early on the final day of practice due to a family emergency. Another completely isolated incident that is justified, based on the obvious nature of the situation.

3.) Started with the 2nd team during mini-camp to get acclimated

Some analysts and fans are having a hard time realizing that head coach Joe Judge likes to start his players at the bottom and force them to work their way up. Toney is no different, getting acclimated to NFL-style camp with the second team. It makes complete sense since the first team already understands what is expected of them and knows a portion of the playbook. Toney is entering with no prior knowledge of NFL-level training nor the scheme, so his insertion wouldn’t have done him any good.

I expect to see him participating with the 1’s come training camp, but making a big deal out of mini-camp is utterly ridiculous.

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